Black and white abstract art photograph

black and white abstract - shadow dance

This black and white abstract art photograph was taken at end-2006 during a dinner and dance of the Philippine Women's Association in Singapore.

I had not gone there with the specific intention of taking any black and white abstract art photograph, of course.

But I had brought along my camera (Nikon 801 with Nikkor 75-300mm zoom) and a roll of Kodak ISO 3200 film because, during the previous year, I took some black and white photographs of my friend David Tio and his family, and was quite pleased with the results.


During the party, I noticed the shadows of some dancers against a curtain by the wall making some unusual patterns. I was also struck by the floral pattern of the curtain and I thought that, together, they could make a nice black and white abstract art photograph.

But I wasn't sure how they would turn out, especially since I was using a long lens at relatively slow exposure, hand held. So I took just two shots. And they both turned out better than I expected. This was the better of the two.

The image required almost no Photoshop digital enhancement. I increased the contrast slightly by adjusting the two extreme sliders of Image > Adjustment > Levels. But even without that slight adjustment, I thought the image looked pretty good on its own.

The opportunities for taking abstract art photographs, whether in color black and white, sometimes arise unexpectedly. Be ever ready to seize those opportunities.