Art Prints Asia

Art Prints Asia is a new Internet art gallery and art business, selling high quality prints including canvas prints of Asian art.

It features a wide range of Asian art, including abstract art, Peranakan art, pop art, landscapes, flowers, and so on.

Plus, you can order print reproductions of the art photographs found on this art photograph gallery website.

The business was started by a dear friend of mine, Patrick, whom I had known for 40 years ever since we were teenagers in Secondary One at St Gabriel's School. He explains the business model:

Art Prints Asia sells prints of painting on-demand under exclusive licence from artists. Artist still retain the right to sell the original painting. A royalty accrues to the artist every time a sale is made.


abstract art photograph - shadow dance
surreal abstract - under the bridge
surreal abstract - under the bridge
surreal abstract - under the bridge
surreal abstract - under the bridge
surreal abstract - under the bridge

Their bread-and-butter, unfortunately, is regarded as an investment by buyers because of the value and how it is positioned in the marketplace. They have very little leverage in the selling chain.

An artist must find an art gallery to sponsor him or her, and a very substantial percentage of a sales revenue goes to the art gallery for the effort. Separately, artists must participate in other activities to promote themselves before galleries will represent them.

So being good as an arist is not good enough...for business. And all they want to do is paint! Art Prints Asia gives artists an additional income stream as well as an alternative channel to promote them internationally.

Art Prints Asia may not appeal to art collectors who would be more interested in original Asian art works. I might start another website selling original Asian art in the future.

For now, I hope this website business will appeal to the broader consumer market people who are not collectors of Asian art or any art, but appreciate art. This makes it possible for them to own a few pieces of high quality art reproductions, instead of cheap, low quality, mass-produced posters.

I hope to promote a culture of supporting local (meaning Singaporean) artists, which is currently lacking. In future, Art Prints Asia will feature other Asian artists as well, but I must learn to walk first.

With prints, ART becomes affordable. And with Art Prints Asia, QUALITY ART becomes affordable.

You can now put ART in every part of your home and office without blowing a hole in the wallet. The beauty of it all is that you can change your decor as often as you want which would not normally be possible with original art, unless, of course, you are extremely wealthy.

The quality of my prints are very high. Canvas prints are of a higher quality than those printed on paper which are already very good.

Art Prints Asia showcases selected licensed works of artists in Asia and features a current profile of each artist. Through this platform, they reach out to share their thoughts and feelings about art and what drives their passion and their creativity…

Product offerings range from decorative prints to specialty posters to art reproductions. All of these are available in a range of sizes from A4 to A1. They are available on either high quality paper or canvas. Prices start from USD 25 for an A4 print on paper, or USD 75 for an A3 equivalent print on canvas.

Art Prints Asia also accepts special commissions for original Asian themed paintings and those suited for the corporate environment.

Members will get to enjoy the benefits of a Reward$ Program that works similarly to that of Network Marketing. In other words, you will earn a small commission if the people whom you refer to Art Prints Asia make purchases. Joining is free, but your membership will be activated only after your first purchase.

I recommend that you join first even if nothing interests you right now, so that if you see something that you like in the future, you can purchase right away without having to join.

The commission on each purchase is not large (as otherwise the prints would have to be priced much higher). But you will earn from up to five levels of referred members, so if everyone works hard at referring their friends, there is a possibility of earning a reasonable income.

So do drop by Art Prints Asia for a visit, by clicking here to go to its website.